Week 1

After a busy time in the week leading up to leaving it was great to actually be at the airport, have our luggage (which was only a little bit overweight) booked in without hassles and see the excitement on the girls faces! And when we boarded the plane I could tell they had no intentions of sleeping for a while, they we absolutely buzzing and there were so many games and movies to keep them occupied.  They still laugh at me though as I was asleep before the plane even left the runway!

We spent a fantastic 4 days in Dubai with Mal’s sister, Carol.  It’s a surreal place – a city dropped in the middle of the desert!  We made the most of the last of our warm weather for a while, had lots of lots of laughs, went to the opulent shopping malls, swum, went on a desert safari and spent the day at Atlantis Water Park.  Great start to our time away.

On Thursday night we arrived in London and were all so pleased to see Mal after a couple of weeks.  Apartment was lovely, right on the canal although not all the furnishings and fittings that were meant to be provided were so spent a couple of days sorting that out.  Girls were very happy to discover a play ground nearby.

On the weekend we explored London – Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, Trafalgar Square and London Eye.  And then spent the day at Hampton Court Palace on Sunday.


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